Tuesday, 6 June 2017


My school friend is getting married.  There is a time in our lives that we think we have absolutely everything. But then something happens and we start reconsidering our goals.

 I think that moment has come now in my life.  Yesterday called me my friend and said that the other friend is getting married. Shall we go? Maybe.  

And something just awful came to my mind… why is she getting married? Is she happy? Doesn’t she want to travel, have fun and have time for herself?

When Have I started to think in such a strange way? What has changed? I don’t know.  If you had asked me like 3 years ago what I wanted I would probably said that I wanted a family, a husband, child, a dog… but now?  I want to visit places, learn languages and be spontaneous! But can I do all of it when I’m married? I don’t think so. 

They say that once you start learning languages your perspective changes and as a matter of fact,  I think that it makes you even a different person.  Sometimes you even realize that if it’s not about  an another language lover person, no one else wouldn’t understand you.

Maybe that’s why I don’t understand why are everybody getting married now!

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