Sunday, 10 December 2017

piece by piece

So we have another weekend and I wanted to tell you something more about making friends.

If you want to be really successful in whatever you want to come up with you definitely shouldn't give up on trying!

Let's be completely sincere. How many times do you think about being mean to the others just because it may be funny in some sort of twisted way?

The third level of communication is about that truth.

Talk about your ideas. In these conversations I begin to reveal more details about me. They can be political ideas, about society or about how in my way of thinking the things should work. This level is very mental and consists of not involving the others. Therefore, it can become a productive talk made of monologues, since it is not necessarily about talking about the others. It is more personal and subtle yet only ideas!. On the other hand, we cannot forget that the fourth one is reserved for the closest friends and family so at this level will not be concluded most important and privet subjects.

Be original, be respectful but first of all be spontaneous! 
And you will never be considered dull.

Have a nice week!

Monday, 27 November 2017

season full of joy

It was a really enjoyable weekend for me.

 My friend from Torun went and we had an amazing time together! One thing that I can be angry about is that I don't know any place here where one can spend a night without going to the wild party.
 So when we actually did go to the city center we spent 40 minutes going around and thinking where to enter. Then we spent a lovely evening drinking mulled wine in a cozy restaurant named Domo or something like that I really don't remember and it doesn't matter now. 
We laughed a lot and had a really fantastic time without thinking about work or university life. It was so wonderful! 

On the other hand, there's that one little thing that bothers me a lot. I have a small passion, maybe it isn't the thing that I would die for but I love doing it and it makes me soooo happy. Unfortunately, every single time that I do it I feel like a sucker (sorry for that but it is the best word that comes to my mind now).

 As a result, it makes me feel down that I am just not able to be as good as I always wanted and I can't enjoy that anymore maybe it is an embarrassment or other crapy feeling but it is awful. Do you know that feeling? that you fancy doing something, just like it, but you are not good at and you try and tray persistently but later on just knock it off? Why sometimes we can't just switch it off and continue, just enjoying it no matter who or what?

 I wish it could change one day.

 Well, I am quite happy about my weekend so I leave you now because my Spanish lesson is about to start

See ya!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

communication part 2


today I'm going to blabber you some more about the beauty of communication. We should never give up trying to be better in your communication skills no matter with whom you work or have to deal!
Let me tell you a clever something about it: 

So, we have the famous five levels of conversation and first of them is the one that helps you with your personal relationships

my advice here is:
 If you want to have a good relationship, just be authentic, smile, say everything that is on your mind, don't hesitate

Second level. Talk about the others. It is also a superficial conversation, but it has a pinch of sophistication.
 In this case, we repeat what others have said, whether at home or in a book, without contributing anything of our own experience. We repeat smart comments, readings or quotations without making any kind of assessment. 
But be careful!

 In this second level, gossip is also included :) which, of course, can be nice or funny but sometimes it is possible to trigger a war as well :)

Sunday, 5 November 2017

communication level 1

There are conversations that fill us and others that leave us empty. There are people that talking to is a pleasure and others who could make sleepy even a sheep. And all this is related to the levels of communication that is between us and our partner,  friends or at work. Let's see what are the five possible levels of conversation to see in which situation we usually are with the people around us.

First level. Talking about things, football, time ... It is a superficial conversation, but sometimes necessary when you meet someone or you are in an elevator for instance. We do not start revealing our life details to the neighbor in the room. At this level we talk about time, what did we eat or what did we see in the last trip to Italy. The problem appears when a couple can speak only and exclusively of this type of things. We feel emptiness, especially when we have moments when we need to tell something that affects us.

Then there occurs the problem. We cannot hide our feelings and we are ashamed because of the lack of connection. Why is it so important? Because it is crucial when you really need to talk to someone and it’s your partner or best friend and the other side has nothing to comment. 
 Let’s talk about nothing, it’s always better than not talking. But does this rule always work? I don’t think so.

Next week, there will be MORE INFORMATION about more information that we can communicate.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Why music is so important in our lives?

I think that it is related to some kind of childhood time.  Maybe it is because it's one of the things that we are used to from the beginning.  I couldn't imagine my life without music. It helps me get rid of bad feelings, when I'm happy it makes me want to scream and shout, there is nothing better than a good piece of music!

On the other hand, while watching a film I always think about the soundtrack. It is crucial for me.  But after a long, stressful day  I really enjoy an hour without a sound. Silence is great when you cannot piece your mind together. When I was younger I used to read a book or study with loud music now it is completely different as I am not able to concentrate with sounds around me.
How is it possible that your customs change?

 There is a great possibility that it is connected to the decrease of efficiency. Everything distracts me when I'm not 100% focused on what I'm doing in that moment.

So music is great but not always. Is anyone able to live without it?

Sunday, 22 October 2017


I try my best to have everything under control but sometimes it's not that easy!

Somewhere I read that you won't be successful in your work if you can't get your things together but it seems obviously hard to manage if there's autumn outside, your friends are busy because it's their last year and your family's like 300km from you. 
So what are the rules that you should follow in case you're exhausted and there is no free time?

Try to stay concentrated no matter what you do at work
avoid unnecessary conversations, you can catch up some gossips while eating lunch

Learn how to say no. This is the crucial point. If someone gives you an extra work you don't have to be always nice and cool and take everything without blinking.

Work as a team. There is no better way to handle a difficult matter as working with your workmates

Try to not get distracted by social webs like facebook.  You will be more focused and you will not lose the thread.

The same story with the news. Don't read them at work, let yourself do it when going back home or when you have a free while for you.

What about emails? sort them from the most relevant to less. Do not respond to e-mails that are from your family or friends. That will not save your time at work and it can certainly wait.

Hope you will not get distracted anymore!

Friday, 13 October 2017

green leaves

I just need a coffee!

Coming back to PoznaƄ wasn't very easy for me. I was spending my free time on the beach, or searching new, beautiful places for a walk with my dog ( he likes huge spaces like forests where he can just run without any obstacles) 

It results that there are so many places that I haven't been to in my neighborhood.  When I was living in Gdynia I thought nothing could surprise me because I knew that place like the back of my hand. But when you have a google map in your hand ( or maybe phone) it's really probably that you will find out about some new places like holy spring in the middle of the nearest forest.

  I think I'm getting older because I started to appreciate the peaceful sound of silence when I have a moment when I'm alone.  Every time when I want to read something not related to my university something appears and the possibility goes away. 
 I'm trying not to give up and keep on swimming like Ellen use to say, but with this whole autumn atmosphere, it's getting even harder. 
Thank God I have my friends :)

I never know how to name my posts, maybe any bits of advice?