Thursday, 18 May 2017

The w word

Lately, I´ve been inspired  by my english class and I want to share with you some reflexions.

First of all Is it really possible to treat women as a worse/weaker/inferior individual? Maybe you will say I’m a racist but I hate that in muslim countries. They still treat women like if they were their slaves and what’s more, they, through  years and years, got used to this so it’s now part of their tradition. I can’t stand it how can they be so obedient and change, well you cannot change something that always has been like that but no matter, for your men. 
Where’s  this beautiful image of love and happiness  showed in Bollywood movies?

One day I watched a lovely publicity on youtube, it was Italian. At the beginning they asked small Italian boys to describe a sweet, young European girl.  
They were obviously ashamed but loads of sweet words came out of their mouths.  On the next step they were encouraged  to touch and caress her cheek and they did that with serous pleasure.

Trouble started when they consequently were asked to hit her  and suddenly they petrified. There was no way to touch her in that way for them. Why?

 No one knows. This is just the amazing child delicacy and subtlety. Why and where it disappears later when they get to the awful period of puberty?

Anyways… I was blabbering about women and women rights wasn’t I? I think that it’s horrible that we live in such a developed world and society and as a women we can still feel worse that the other sex. 

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